Month: July 2013

Green Vehicle Information Page

Automobile Dealers Assoc. of Mega Milwaukee Green Vehicle Information Page   All-electric Vehicles (Plug-in Electric Vehicles) All-electric vehicles (EVs) use a battery to store the electrical energy that powers the motor. EVs are sometimes referred to as battery electric vehicles (BEVs). EV batteries are charged by plugging the vehicle into an electric power source. Although electricity production might contribute to air pollution, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency categorizes all-electric vehicles as zero-emission vehicles because their motors produce no exhaust or emissions. Because EVs use no other fuel, widespread use of these vehicles could dramatically reduce petroleum consumption.  *** *** The Chevrolet Volt, although an electric vehicle, has a back-up gasoline engine that will kick in to charge the battery/power the vehicle.  According to SAE’s definition the Volt is a hybrid vehicle, due to the combination of an internal combustion engine and electric motors, and its configuration can be referred to as a Plug-in-electric vehicle. Hybrid Electric Vehicles Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are powered by an internal combustion engine or other propulsion source that can be run on conventional or alternative fuel and an electric motor that uses energy stored in a battery. HEVs combine the benefits of high fuel economy and low emissions with the power and range of conventional vehicles. A variety of hybrid electric vehicles are currently available. Although HEVs are often more expensive than similar conventional vehicles,...

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Consumer Auto Links

ADAMM GREEN VEHICLE INFO PAGE – CLICK HERE WHY YOU ARE BETTER OFF AT AN ADAMM NEW CAR DEALER REASONS YOU SHOULD SERVICE YOUR VEHICLE AT A NEW CAR DEALERSHIP New car techs are required to receive ongoing training to diagnose and repair existing products and new models coming to the market with new technologies Special tools and diagnostic equipment is needed to repair today’s complex vehicles. These tools are designed by the manufacturer for use on the ever increasing high tech vehicles of today and the future Access to manufacturer service and repair bulletins at the dealership service center – information is gathered from around the country on many service issues related to the brands the dealer sells A greater chance a new car dealer service department will fix the car right the first time because they are more likely to have encountered the problem in the past or have been notified of the problem via the network of dealership service centers. Direct access to auto manufacturer engineers and service training staff for diagnostic assistance Use of OEM (Original Equiptment Manufacture) parts designed specifically for your vehicle Competitive pricing on routine maintenance for your car  –  oil changes, brakes, tires, coolant and more Immediate access to outstanding factory recalls on the vehicles the dealership sells Warranty histories on the vehicles they sell new Most dealership Service Centers have both specialists, ie. Electrical, Transmissions...

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Manufacturer Incentives

Manufacturer Incentives Manufacturer to Consumer Incentives  – July 8th, 2013  – partial listing as our source has not released full July incentives.  Please check back Source Auto News and Edmunds Note:  Incentives are subject to change at any time.  See your dealership for up to the minute changes in all consumer...

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