Month: September 2013

Car Buying Tips

NEW AND USED CAR BUYING TIPS 1)  Determine your NEEDS before your WANTS There is a big difference between what you need in a car or truck and what you want.  You need to determine your needs first since that is the essential reason you are purchasing your new vehicle.  Once you determine what you really need in your vehicle, you can then list the wants in your purchase and prioritize them from high to low.  This will keep you focused on purchasing the right vehicle for you. A needs assessment should include not only the features you need/want, but you should also look at the broad appeals that really are important to you.  They can include;  Safety, Performance, Appearance, Function, Resale, Luxury and more.  If your sales professional knows these things, they can better assist you in selecting the vehicle that meets your needs.2) Prepare a BudgetWhen preparing a budget you need to take into consideration several factors.  Think of it as a Transportation Budget.* Is this vehicle replacing an existing vehicle or is it in an additional vehicle* If this vehicle is replacing a vehicle, take into consideration maintenance, fuel use increase of decrease, warranty.* Insurance costs – increase or decrease Sometimes a range is a good way to look at budget.  Give yourself some flexibility to arrange your budget. 3) Research the vehicles you are considering. There are many ways to research the vehicles you are looking at. First of...

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Service Tips

WHY YOU ARE BETTER OFF AT AN ADAMM NEW CAR DEALER REASONS YOU SHOULD SERVICE YOUR VEHICLE AT A NEW CAR DEALERSHIP New car techs are required to receive ongoing training to diagnose and repair existing products and new models coming to the market with new technologies Special tools and diagnostic equipment is needed to repair today’s complex vehicles. These tools are designed by the manufacturer for use on the ever increasing high tech vehicles of today and the future Access to manufacturer service and repair bulletins at the dealership service center – information is gathered from around the country on many service issues related to the brands the dealer sells A greater chance a new car dealer service department will fix the car right the first time because they are more likely to have encountered the problem in the past or have been notified of the problem via the network of dealership service centers. Direct access to auto manufacturer engineers and service training staff for diagnostic assistance Use of OEM (Original Equiptment Manufacture) parts designed specifically for your vehicle Competitive pricing on routine maintenance for your car  –  oil changes, brakes, tires, coolant and more Immediate access to outstanding factory recalls on the vehicles the dealership sells Warranty histories on the vehicles they sell new Most dealership Service Centers have both specialists, ie. Electrical, Transmissions and Drivability specialist and...

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